Welcome to “Uminoniwa”the inn specializing
in fisherman's cuisine.
Uminoniwa, with a history spanning 100 years, is renowned for its commitment to freshness in fisherman's cuisine. Our cooking methods are designed to bring out the natural flavors of fish, pleasing both the fish and the palate. For lunch, enjoy a satisfying yet light meal with our fresh dishes.
This is the cuisine for the basic 1 night 2 meal plan. You can choose either abalone or
lobster as the main dish, and also select the cooking method. Boat arrangement,
Kabuto-yaki, and Kinmedai are served for two people, and the same dish is provided
for the entire group. The fried dish changes with the season.
Abalone Cooking Methods: Live Sashimi (Sliced Raw), Dancing Grilled, Sake Steamed
Lobster Cooking Methods: Live Sashimi (Sliced Raw), Salt Grilled, Demon Pattern Grilled
There is also a plan that includes both lobster and abalone. Since lobster fishing is
restricted from June to August, options other than Live Sashimi are available. The
choice of cooking method will be discussed upon arrival. If there are ingredients you
cannot consume, please inform us by the day before. Changes to ingredients or
cooking methods may occur based on procurement and landing conditions. Dinner
and breakfast are served in the private dining room "Kura" at 18:00-18:30 and 8:00-8:30, respectively.
Enjoy a leisurely time while gazing at a sunset that's akin to a painting.
We offer four different room types (a total of six rooms) for your stay.
Seaside / Japanese-Western Room with Cypress Bath
Harbor Side / Japanese-Western Room with Rain Shower Booth
Seaside / Japanese Room with Cypress Bath (View Bath)
Harbor Side / Japanese Room with Cypress Bath
Please note that Uminoniwa is an inn for adults, and we regret that
we are unable to accommodate guests under the age of 12.
Information for Your Stay
  • Total Number of Rooms: 6 rooms
  • Room Amenities: Face towel, bath towel, shower cap, toothbrush, cleansing, shampoo, conditioner, treatment, body soap,hairdryer, comb, hairband, hairstyling product, T-shaped razor, shaving foam, tissue, cotton swabs, makeup remover, clothing deodorant spray, and various other amenities are provided in each room. Yukata (casual Japanese robe) is available, but yukata (casual Japanese robe) is not provided.
  • Facility Facilities: Large public baths ("Marble Bath" and "Tatami Bath") on the 1st floor, a private open-air bath "Umino Ki" on the top floor, lobby.
  • In-room Equipment: Air purifier, humidifier, dehumidifier, large LCD TV.
  • Dining Area: Dinner and breakfast are served on the 2nd floor at "Kura".
    Please note that in-room dining is not available.
  • Parking: Free parking with a capacity for 20 cars.
  • Check-in at 3:00 PM, Check-out at 10:00 AM.
  • Cancellation Policy: Same-day cancellation: 100%,
    Cancellation the day before: 50%,
    Cancellation two days before: 40%,
    Cancellation three days before: 30%,
    Cancellation four days before: 20%,
    Cancellation five days before: 10%.
  • Shuttle Service: We provide transportation to Awa-Kominato Station.
    Please call us for more information: TEL: 04-7095-2611.
  • Credit Cards: We accept JCB, DC, American Express.
    Privacy: We value your privacy and will not enter your room except for making your bed.Bedmaking will be done the day after your check-out. Please relax and enjoy your stay.
  • To our guests celebrating
    their stay on this special day
  • To our guests celebrating special occasions such as anniversaries (wedding anniversaries, 60th birthdays), birthdays, and more.
    Birthday cakes are available separately (additional cost). Please let us know the name and message you'd like on the cake.
    We are here to accommodate your other requests as well. Please feel free to discuss any special requirements with us."

Smooth, Radiant Skin: Loved by Women,
“Kuranoyu”in the Uchiurayama Onsen
Hot Spring Quality: Metasilicic Acid, Metaboric Acid, Sodium Ion, Hydrogen Carbonate Ion This colorless and transparent hot spring is known for its benefits to the skin, fatigue recovery, and those with cold sensitivity. There are two communal baths, the 'Tatami Bath' and the 'Marble Bath,' which alternate between men and women at different times. In addition, there is a private open-air bath on the top floor. *The hot spring is heated to a suitable bathing temperature and is circulated and filtered for hygiene purposes."

Information for the Bath

Bathing Hours: Main Bath 'Uminotsuki' 15:00 to 24:00 and 5:30 to 9:30
Morning and evening sessions alternate between men and women, allowing you to enjoy both
the 'Marble Bath' and the 'Tatami Bath.'
Private Open-Air Bath 'Uminoki': 50 minutes (1,650 yen)

Bath Amenities

We provide a variety of amenities in each bath, including face towels, bath towels, shower caps, toothbrushes, cleansing products, shampoo, conditioner, treatment, body soap, hair dryers, combs, hairbands, hair tonic, T-shaped razors, shaving foam, tissues, cotton swabs, makeup removers, and more. Face towels and bath towels are available in both the communal bath and private open-air bath, so you can come empty-handed from your room."